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Portra & the Tank


Portra & the Tank

Thomas Jordan Photo

Hey All! I've been getting a lot of questions about what i'm shooting with, so i'd like to write a little blurb about what i'm using and why.

What film do you shoot with?

It all started with Kodak Portra 160 film. Since I loaded up my first roll in 2015 I've been hooked. I started using it in 35mm and switched to 120 after I purchased my Mamiya.  If you dig my work, you'll notice frequent warm and yellow tones. Some of the look is of course related to the time of day, but the nice yellows are all credit to the film. I've tried every major film stock available on the market and just feel like portra fits my style better than any other stock. I'f you're looking for a new film to try i'd recommend grabbing some Portra 160 and get to shooting. I always tell people once you find the film that suits you, shoot it as often as you can. That way you'll learn the in and outs of the film, and therefore get better shots. 

Now to the most frequent questions I get... what camera are you using?

I'm using a Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD with the Mamiya 140mm K/L 4.5 lens

This camera is a TANK. I am not joking, this guy weighs around 5lbs just the body alone. With that being said, I have grown very fond of the the camera and how it operates. Its fully mechanical, which I love, I don't have to worry about batteries or electronic failures. You will need an external meter if you like to rely on precise metering. The RB stands for rotating back- you can turn the film back at any time to switch from portrait to landscape, a nifty feature.  The camera paired with a quality lens produces highly detailed images. More important than image quality, I've found a camera that fits my shooting needs and style, and that is key to consistently getting great images. Looking through the large waist level viewfinder and focusing with the bellows just feels good and I'm enjoying shooting with it.

Below you'll find a recent image taken with my Mamiya and Portra 160