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Back up and running


Back up and running

Thomas Jordan Photo

Hi friends,

First off, I'd really like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last few years with all of my photographic work. Everyday Im amazed at the kind words and complements, and I just wanted to say that it really does mean the world! Thank you for the follows, likes, comments and friendships. 

Yesterday..... I broke my camera lens. I was beyond mad, beyond feelings, and just at a loss for words. I'm not afraid to admit that I've been having financial issues over the past year, and breaking an expensive piece of equipment was just the cherry on top. 

This isn't a sob story or pity party, but If you feel inclined to help- I've added a new print to the print store.

Yesterday, I posted an image to my IG story showing the new limited edition print. I was wrong in asking that price for a print, where YOU guys are helping ME out. Its a two way street and id love to send my work out to as many of you as possible.  Id like to replace my broken lens so I can make more imagery for you kind folks! I updated the price's of all prints on the print tab.

You can find my limited edition prints here:

Thank you,