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The @tamejawdin guide to making great photos

Thomas Jordan Photo

1. Time of day/ Lighting

This is THE MOST  important factor in getting great photos.... hands down. I get asked all the time, "what time do you take your photographs???" Well, let me tell ya!  Keep an eye on your weather app for a nice day and schedule a time to shoot at sunrise or sunset.  Those two times of the day are when I have gotten my favorite photographs. Shooting at those times enables you to capture oranges,yellow,reds, pinks and other dreamy colors that you wont be able to find at any other time. You are indeed capturing light, so make sure you get the good kind. 



2. Rinse and Repeat

If you're shooting on film, this is quite literal.... but what i'm trying to say is go out and shoot. The more you're out and the more photos you take, you'll get better and have a better understanding of what interests you as a photographer. You might pass by something one day and have no interest is what you see, but maybe the next day there's a super awesome old car that's parked there and you MUST TAKE THAT PHOTO. My point ...the more frequent you shoot, the more you'll run across those special moments.  If you stop and find something interesting, and are unsure about taking the photo, TAKE THE PHOTO ANYWAY and move onto the next frame, sometimes you'll be glad you took it later.  

3. Do # 2 on the list again

I'm not joking. Just keep shooting over and over again. 


4. The Moment

Trust yourself. What you find interesting makes you and your photos special. Don't be afraid to release the shutter with some confidence that you have something special.




5. The Camera

Find one that you know how to use and that you're comfortable with- Don't get too caught up in the technical mumbo-jumbo. You don't need an expensive camera to make great photos.

6. Inspiration

Find photographers on social media or local people who inspire you. Reach out to those photographers who inspire you- you'd be surprised how nice people are. 

Find some photo account pages that post consistently good content. some examples...

  • Somewhere Magazine
  • Humble Arts Foundation
  • Rental Magazine
  • gominimal magazine
  • This Ain't Art School
  • many many more...

Purchase Photo-books. There's something special about seeing the photos in print right in front of you. 


All the best,





Portra & the Tank

Thomas Jordan Photo

Hey All! I've been getting a lot of questions about what i'm shooting with, so i'd like to write a little blurb about what i'm using and why.

What film do you shoot with?

It all started with Kodak Portra 160 film. Since I loaded up my first roll in 2015 I've been hooked. I started using it in 35mm and switched to 120 after I purchased my Mamiya.  If you dig my work, you'll notice frequent warm and yellow tones. Some of the look is of course related to the time of day, but the nice yellows are all credit to the film. I've tried every major film stock available on the market and just feel like portra fits my style better than any other stock. I'f you're looking for a new film to try i'd recommend grabbing some Portra 160 and get to shooting. I always tell people once you find the film that suits you, shoot it as often as you can. That way you'll learn the in and outs of the film, and therefore get better shots. 

Now to the most frequent questions I get... what camera are you using?

I'm using a Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD with the Mamiya 140mm K/L 4.5 lens

This camera is a TANK. I am not joking, this guy weighs around 5lbs just the body alone. With that being said, I have grown very fond of the the camera and how it operates. Its fully mechanical, which I love, I don't have to worry about batteries or electronic failures. You will need an external meter if you like to rely on precise metering. The RB stands for rotating back- you can turn the film back at any time to switch from portrait to landscape, a nifty feature.  The camera paired with a quality lens produces highly detailed images. More important than image quality, I've found a camera that fits my shooting needs and style, and that is key to consistently getting great images. Looking through the large waist level viewfinder and focusing with the bellows just feels good and I'm enjoying shooting with it.

Below you'll find a recent image taken with my Mamiya and Portra 160




Back up and running

Thomas Jordan Photo

Hi friends,

First off, I'd really like to thank everyone who has supported me over the last few years with all of my photographic work. Everyday Im amazed at the kind words and complements, and I just wanted to say that it really does mean the world! Thank you for the follows, likes, comments and friendships. 

Yesterday..... I broke my camera lens. I was beyond mad, beyond feelings, and just at a loss for words. I'm not afraid to admit that I've been having financial issues over the past year, and breaking an expensive piece of equipment was just the cherry on top. 

This isn't a sob story or pity party, but If you feel inclined to help- I've added a new print to the print store.

Yesterday, I posted an image to my IG story showing the new limited edition print. I was wrong in asking that price for a print, where YOU guys are helping ME out. Its a two way street and id love to send my work out to as many of you as possible.  Id like to replace my broken lens so I can make more imagery for you kind folks! I updated the price's of all prints on the print tab.

You can find my limited edition prints here:

Thank you,